My name is Amanda, I am currently working as a freelance designer on a variety of diverse projects.

I’ve always had an aspiration for creating things. I grew up admiring the beauty of older(vintage) objects and fashion styles. Which drew me to Fashion Design. After graduating from FIDM. I started working in the fashion industry which allowed me to master the noble skill-set of being able to construct a garment from the beginning of the basic pattern to the end of the stunningly constructed garment. I feel comfortable saying, I now know the ins and outs of how the apparel world runs. As well as, wear all the hats in the design world.

Granted, changing directions a little and getting a degree in graphic design has opened my mind to a whole other world of design added with photography. I still use my hands, but my mind gets to explore creativity in so many different directions. It seems forever pleasing.
I have five years in the fashion industry and three years of Freelance Design under my belt. I love the fast-paced world of design and enjoy working in a team environment.
My years in the industry have strengthened my ability to be versatile in so many different creative ways. It’s inspiring to be able to use my creative energy in so many ways.

My passion for fashion and design comes from this grand idea of never-ending knowledge. I aim to always have something more to learn and to share with others. I would love to also collaborate with others so feel free to contact me.